Postcard #21

Olympus, Antalya, Turkey

It’s the mountains and the sea. The ancient and the modern. Olympus National Park is a place for discovering the old legends from ancient civilizations and the pleasure of ours.

Beydağları Coastal National Park a.k.a. Olympos Beydagları National Park is a national park in Antalya Province, southern Turkey.

The national park was established on March 16, 1972. It stretches over an area of 34,425 ha (132.92 sq mi) beginning in Sarısu, located southwest of Antalya and reaching out to Cape Gelidonya parallel to the Mediterranean Sea across the Kemer-Kumluca shoreline.

The ancient settlements Olympus, Phaselis and Idyrus are situated within the national park, which lies between the shores of the ancient regions Pamphylia and Lycia.

The tallest mountain in the park is Tahatalı Dağı. The Yanartaş burning gas field is found on the foothills of that mountain.

The national park offers a place for activities such as beach and sea sports, picnic, camping, trekking, mountain climbing, paragliding and much more. Visiting the archaeological sites within the national park is possible all around the year.[