Postcard #57

The Younger Dancer, London, UK

This statue of a young ballet dancer sits in Broad Court opposite the entrance to the Royal Opera House. It was sculpted by Enzo Plazzotta, an Italian who was born in Mestre, near Venice, but who spent more than half his life in London. He loved ballet and this state is an excellent example of his work. He died in 1981.

The plaque, to go with the statue, is set into a raised, seating surround and reads:
“City of Westminster / Young Dancer / by / Enzo Plazzotta (1921 – 1981) / erected by Westminster City Council / in association with the Plazzotta Estate / Unveiled on 16th May 1988”.

The statue is made from bronze and is about life-size for a young dancer. She is depicted seated on a stool and has her left foot resting just above her bent left knee. Her left foot is pointed into the ground. Her hands are lightly resting on her left leg. Her hair is tied back in a bun and she is wearing a flimsy dress and ballet shoes. The whole effect is one of elegance.